Toni Duggan: Really? You Have To Ask?


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Personally I’m interested in [stripping off for magazines], but the other girls have different opinions on it.

The girls don’t want to be portrayed as that as they’re footballers and they’re good at football, that’s what they do and why should they get their kit off to promote it?

But on the other side I feel it’s good because the young girls are used to seeing size 6 girls in magazines who aren’t eating.

So why not open it and see these other girls who do sport?

Everton & England striker Toni Duggan.

Because we’ve spent the last fifty years teaching young girls that their sense of self-worth is proportional to how good they look in the nude and it’s fair to say it hasn’t really worked out?

Please. You’ve spent the last fifteen years of your life training to be an elite athlete. I refuse to believe you’re that stupid.

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