Chaz Bono: Toxic Avenger

Chaz Bono appeared on Good Morning America today, defending himself from accusations by Fox News commentator, Dr Keith Ablow, that watching him perform on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ would be ‘toxic’ for children.

Dr Ablow was, of course, referring to Chaz’s transgender status as toxic. As in, ‘kids, don’t watch the scary lady-man on the TV because you’ll instantly be begging your parents for gender reassignment surgery for Christmas’, toxic.

You know what frightens me more than the idea of Cher’s kid blundering around a dancefloor in sequinned lycra? The fact that Dr Ablow is a best-selling author, as well as practicing adolescent and adult psychiatry. That, my friends, is effing petrifying.

Of course, if he’d had actually been referring to the act of simply ‘watching’ ‘Dancing With The Stars’ being toxic, he would’ve had my full, unequivocal backing.

Pity da fool.

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

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