Troy Davis: Whoops. Can We Retract That?

Despite a conviction for murder based on witness statements that have now been withdrawn, a refusal by officials to allow a lie detector test and a promise by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles that he would not be executed unless there was ‘no doubt’ of his guilt, Troy Davis was put to death last night.

Surely advocates of the death penalty, like Mr Bob Kaylor (left), must realise that the argument for state sanctioned murder for serious crime is only hindered by cases such as this? Why not use the time more wisely? Lobby law enforcement agencies for better regulation so that the allegations of corruption don’t taint an execution. Maybe insist they review their investigative techniques so they don’t fit the crime to the suspect rather than the other way round? That kind of thing.

Then he and his friends will get to feel even more righteous when a faceless someone presses a button in a concrete room on the other side of that chainlink fence and yet another human life ends.

Images: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images, ERIK S. LESSER/AFP/Getty Images.

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