Twitter 1 Primal Scream 0

You can’t say you’ve ever been in a band unless one of your hits has been used by a politician to articulate just how cool n’hip they are. Which is presumably why Primal Scream’s management were able to fire off a letter of complaint to the Conservative party so promptly after it was reported that Teresa May had walked off stage to ‘Rocks’.

Bet they couldn’t wait for the resurgence in album sales to register. It’s a perfectly legitimate revenue stream in this political climate, y’know.

It seems that they might want to bundle their ire back into it’s basement home though, as it has been reported this evening that it was not the band’s 1994 ode to geology, ‘Rocks’ , that was pounding (maybe a six on an amp that goes up to eleven?) out of the speakers after May’s conference speech, but ‘Bohemian Like You‘ by the Dandy Warhols.

The confusion reportedly came about after Labour MP Kerry McCarthy tweeted a message, on the advice of an as yet unnamed person who was ‘in the hall’, that the song had been played. Social networking being what it is, the word took no time at all to get as far as Primal Scream’s management company’s office.

Not sure who’s going to be feeling more of a berk this evening, Bobby Gillespie, whose reputation as a cool n’happening political animal was a little eager to express itself, or the fool who can’t differentiate between mid-nineties run of the mill indie.

I mean, the shame of it.

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