If  Kate Bush’s ouvre doesn’t form part of your record collection, listen to this and rectify the situation immediately.

If you remain unconvinced, try Alan Partridge’s Bush megamix. It might not be the most reverent exploration of her work but I find it very hard to believe Kate Bush herself didn’t crack up when she saw his interpretation of ‘Wuthering Heights.’


4 thoughts on “Tune Of The Day: Hounds of Love, Kate Bush

  1. noshamedad says:

    I have the Hounds of Love LP from 1985 on colored vinyl. It’s not in very good shape because I wore it out by listening to it too much!

    1. That’s what I’m talking about. Right there! 😉

  2. Carlos Otero says:

    Have you noticed_ I’m sure you have, that the hounds on record cover are weimaraners?

    1. HA! Of course. Proper ones too, not inferior ones like a certain gentleman 😀 Personally, I love the one in the ‘True Failth’ – New Order video. Does tricks, lol

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