Ann Sinclair: Another Triumph In The Battle For Equality

Image: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images.

Being a woman myself, I don’t usually find myself shaking my head in sympathy as my male friends stare miserably into their pint glasses and ask ‘What the hell do women want?’.

However, having just learned that the readership of French online mag Terrafemina (for the thinking woman, apparently) have just voted Ann Sinclair their ‘Woman Of The Year’, I can now totally sympathise. Ann Sinclair, for those of you who weren’t paying attention, stood by husband Dominique Strauss-Khan (former head of the IMF) when allegations of  sexual assault were made against him by a chambermaid in New York.

No crime in that, except that the chambermaid’s allegations were eventually dismissed (DSK got off) due to the fact that she was ‘an unreliable witness’ and Sinclair sided with hubby despite describing herself as a ‘role model for put-upon women‘. She probably has to be, considering her husband’s reputation in the press.

Anyway, I’m off to the pub now to get some bloke to buy me a drink so I can stare into it miserably. Might as well take advantage of this best-of-both-worlds deal while it’s still available, no?

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