Cynthia Nixon: Post Ironic Poster Girl

Cynthia Nixon. About to cause further controversy by claiming homosexuality is in fact a highly contagious virus manufactured by Al Qaeda. Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America.

It isn’t often that a celebrity can claim to be in trouble with both the pro AND anti-gay movements. So congratulations to Sex & The City actress Cynthia Nixon, who has reportedly angered gay activists by saying that her current status as lesbian is one she ‘chose’.

Anti-gay groups already hated her, obviously, because she’s dating a woman. So from a PR point of view, that’s a pleasingly limited budget spend right there.

The inference is clear. To claim that Nixon is capable of making her sexuality a choice advocates a concept right out of Homophobia 101. That because she has a choice, everyone does. And therefore all gay people have chosen to be gay.

You know, like all heterosexual people chose to be straight.

The gay community are afraid that homophobic people are now going to make Nixon their poster girl. But surely that could only be possible if homophobes were really, really dumb, ill-informed individuals who will jump on the closest available bandwagon, regardless of how pink and proud and festooned with rainbow glitter and happy kids it actually is?

Oh. Ok. There is reason for grave concern, after all.

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