There’s No ‘I’ In Mass Murder: Cashing In On Controversy

Looking for accessories for the next rally? All the smart fascists are heading down to Thor Steinar. 

Congratulations to clothing company Thor Steinar, whose recent attempt to cash in on the current publicity surrounding the trial of Anders Breivik was admirable, if ultimately unsuccessful.

Publicity shy shopkeepers? How peculiar. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch.

The company recently opened a new branch of their store, whose garments are apparently favoured by fascists and Neo-Nazis, and named it Brevik. Eagle-eyed readers will note that it just one ‘i’ away from Anders Breivik, on trial for murdering 77 people in self defence, but according to the company, this is merely a coincidence.

Unfortunately no one told the thousands of residents of Chemnitz in Saxony, who gathered at the store to protest. Presumably the company were afraid that a few out-of-control protesters who disagree with their ideology would firebomb the premises (perish the thought), so they changed the name to the slightly less provocative “TØNSBERG”.

Don’t worry. I’m sure the additional publicity will have helped their cause. Assuming their target demographic can read.

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