Mother Nature: Hey, Mama! Look What We Did!

Image via tumblr.

Remember that strange sensation that occasionally overwhelmed you as  a child? The one that, despite being aware of the dire consequences of spraying paint around your parent’s living room, putting all your mother’s make up down the toilet after coating your baby brother in it, or sticking your fingers in your Dad’s can of Swarfega and wiping the gloopy green contents all over your face,  compelled you to do exactly those things?

Well, although the toxic chemical spill in the Ajka forest, Hungary in 2010 that caused this ‘looks totally photoshopped but it isn’tdamage to the area was not my fault, I feel a similar, if vague, sense of culpability. When Mother Nature gets home and sees what we’ve done to her beautiful homestead, she is Going. To. Be. Pissed.

Hunker down, people. We are going to be grounded for, like, ever.

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