Leon Knight: Hashtag Hate Crime

Involuntary writing hiatus over, I return to the internet only to find that yet another misogynist has broken loose from his moorings and started spraying Twitter with his own brand of vigilante DVT.  On the plus side, it’s a footballer this time, so there will be no crushing fall from grace and embarrassment at our own misplaced faith.

Alright, maybe a bit.

Leon Knight. Currently unemployed. Image via est1892.co.uk.

Outbreaks of ritualistic humiliation of women are becoming increasingly popular on social networks. There was the heroic #bedofshame campaign, started by Geordie Shore’s own parsnip purveyor, Gaz Beadle. This involved taking pictures of the previous night’s conquest while they slept, then posting them to one’s Twitter account. It reached epidemic proportions when The Sun newspaper ran the story, and Monsieur Parsnip duly apologised, but seeds of idiocy  had already been sewn.

Former Swansea City & Chelsea striker Leon Knight’s bid to rid the Twitterverse of women who have sex began a couple of months ago with a test run – inviting followers to ‘out’ guys who ‘wifed a hoe’, using the hashtag #beat&delete. Funnily enough, one footballer was moved to defend his wife and the mother of his two children from Knight’s provocative  language, but far from being chastened, Knight considered this a victory and moved on to bigger and, in his mind, better things.

With his latest social media experiment, Leon has made Gaz Beadle’s #bedofshame campaign look like something FEMEN do in their downtime. #SAP, or ‘Slag Alert Pictures’ is a shout out to all the stand up guys out there in receipt of photos of former partners in a state of undress. Simply send those photos to the email address supplied and Leon will tweet the best ones to his followers.

Well, until someone in the Twitter office spots what he’s doing and suspends his account.

As far as amateur psychological evaluations go, I’m with Helen Lewis of the New Statesman on this one. I have neither the time or inclination to probe the dark hole of confusion, self-hatred and personal failure that is Leon Knight’s mind. I have no interest in what has happened in his life to make him so bitter. He won’t care what I think and neither will the men who allegedly tweeted intimate photos of females to him for publication.

Suffice to say, Knight obviously considers posting humiliating evidence of people’s terrible decision making without their consent to be a perfectly reasonable way to reproach what he perceives to be negative behaviour.

Bit dangerous when a video of you demonstrating how much of an utter dickhead you really are  is circulating on the internet, but you know. #FOS and all that.

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