Zhang Muyi & Akama Miki: Way Out Of Line

Do the lyrics of Gary Puckett’s 1968 ‘classic’ Young Girl make you reconsider the ramifications of a 60’s sexual revolution and simultaneously feel like you need a bath?

If so, you’d better get the hose out before watching the above video. For while Gary and his band of merry beard botherers were prevented from producing a visual articulation of their misplaced and highly inappropriate lust because videos hadn’t been invented, no such obstacle stands in the way of Zhang Muyi & Akama Miki.

The happy couple. Image via ibtimes.com.

Zhang Muyi is a 24-year-old Chinese pop star who, according to his Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) is so in love with another Chinese popstar called Akama Miki that he is counting the days until she turns sixteen and he can marry her. That’s right, Akama is twelve. For this reason it’s probably okay to apply a little understanding to her agreement to the offer, which also appeared on Weibo. You know, because she’s still technically a child and all.

Whether this is true or a publicity stunt to promote the music they’re producing together which includes the watch-with-your-eyes-wide- shut duet above is irrelevant: it’s deeply sinister.

Not least because the kind of audience a publicity stunt of this nature would attract are probably banned from surfing the internet without law enforcement supervision.

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