Parenting 101: Don’t Encourage Blokes To Stalk Your Daughter. Duh!

Jesus. And I thought my Dad’s habit of keeping an emergency cake in his top pocket was embarrassing. Image:

What would you do if found out your daughter was gay and had married her civil partner? Would you:

A) Tell her it makes no difference to you whether she’s bringing home a woman, a man or quite frankly a polite, well turned out mongoose as long as she’s happy.

B) Issue a statement to all the guys in the world advising them that you will pay a cool $65million to the first one who gets your daughter down the aisle and thus recant her dangerous proclivities.

The consequences of a) are mostly positive, although if your daughter is attracted to small, furry carnivorous animals, your probably need to take a look at your role in her formative years. The consequences of b)? Well, aside from humiliating the living crap out of your child by announcing her sexuality to a global audience, you’re also encouraging every idiot in the world also boasting an XY chromosome to embark on a campaign of stalking and harrassment in the hope of a payday their serial killer skill sets could only previously dream of.

In case you need a clue, Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, the answer is A. A!

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