European Union: The Delicately Balanced Lesser Of Two Evils

No… honestly, they’re lovely. Do we not get a car or a speedboat as well though? Image via tumblr.

While unemployment, poverty, fear, helplessness and the dramatic gulf between the haves and the have-nots make for good human interest copy, they’re far less effective at conveying a sense of immediate crisis as pictures of bombings, physical injuries and grieving relatives.

Presumably this is why the Nobel committee saw fit to award their Peace Prize to the European Union. The twin tasks of keeping one’s own nest comfortably feathered while ensuring the Euro doesn’t completely collapse as a result is so time consuming, the powers-that-be in Europe’s omnipotent institution haven’t really got time to be starting any wars.

Feel pissed off about that? You should be grateful. Figuring out how to make twenty quid stretch until next Thursday is better than having your face blown off in a ground conflict.

Or a less immediate route to the same place, anyway.

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