Blurred Lines? Nope, Just An Optical Illusion.

Parodies of overtly sexualised imagery are becoming more frequent in popular culture lately – their viral fecundity rooted in how hilarious blokes look whilst pulling the same ridiculous ‘erotic’ poses as their female counterparts did in the original.

The latest, a reboot of Robin Thicke’s controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ promo performed by Mod Carousel, is no exception. But when you’re done wincing, pointing and laughing as butch boys wiggle their way across your screen wearing thongs and high heels, there’s a more serious point to be made.

The poses, not the people, look ridiculous. We’re just so inured to ‘sexy’ women acting like elasticated, pneumatic, tottering automatons, we don’t really notice them anymore.

Scant comfort can be found in the fact that I’m not fourteen and primed to buy into this shit. After all, there’s millions of kids who are.

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