Countryside Alliance: Systemic Statement Fail

A woman reacts with shock as she advised that her green jacket will offer no protection from the long arm of the law. Image: via the Telegraph.

The RSPCA have been accused of pursuing a political agenda after pressing charges against four members of the Heythrop hunt – which in the past has enjoyed the patronage of David Cameron. Vanessa Lambert, Richard Sumner, Duncan Hume and Julian Barnfield are all accused of hunting with dogs in contravention of the 2004 Hunting Act. Aside from Cameron, the hunt enjoys the support of such luminaries as Rebekah Brooks and Jeremy Clarkson.

The Countryside Alliance, who, according to their website act in the interests of rural people, said:

The RSPCA’s decision to bring such a huge prosecution is a blatant political attack on hunting and an abuse of the court system.

To clarify (just in case any of you reading this are as stupid as the Countryside Alliance thinks you are), they believe it’s an abuse of the court system to prosecute a crime. Does that mean if everyone puts on red jackets and posh accents before committing a crime, they can then dismiss their prosecution as “bad law” and away with it?

Well, it’s no more illogical than the argument that killing animals is a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, I suppose.