Sacha Baron Cohen: Room For Optimism

Congratulations to Sacha Baron Cohen, who hammered what we can only hope is final nail into his ‘controversial’ career coffin last night by dumping powder over an interviewer on the red carpet at the Oscars.

Ryan Seacrest was the unfortunate victim of Baron Cohen’s pre-awards comedy skit, which basically involved the ‘Bruno’ star walking the red carpet dressed as a dictator (costume available from any good fancy dress retailer) and accidentally tipping what he claimed were the ashes of Kim Jong-Il over Seacrest’s trousers.

This would have been the hilarious, showstopping promotion tool for his new film that Baron Cohen was hoping for, but for two things. The humour to be found in fascist dictatorships is arguably limited to anyone who doesn’t buy into convenient media stereotypes, and Chumbawamba did more or less the same thing fourteen years ago to John Prescott at the Brits.

They vanished without trace shortly after. Fingers crossed, kids.