9/11 – Commemoration Or Titillation?

As soon as it was discovered that there was film of the attacks on the World Trade Center, there was a certain inevitability about the manner in which the event was going to be commemorated.

Two days before the tenth anniversary, as I switch on my TV and surf my way through a number of programmes offering me the opportunity to watch the crashes again, either in real time, slo-mo, or even better, via CGI from the cockpit of one of the planes or indeed from inside the South Tower (my particular favourite), I can’t help but wonder whether what is essentially visual titillation is an appropriate way to pay our respects to all the people who died or were affected in the aftermath.

I’m not sure what’s worse. TV channel executives seeking to boost viewing figures by capitalising on a horrible tragedy, or those who watch it unfold again and again, eyes wide, fingers hovering over the pause button.

Image via businessinsider.com

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