Andy Murray: A Winner Loses

Andy reads through a list of excuses for failure used by other British sportsmen recently. Image: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images.

If any British sportman has reason to piss and moan about unfairness in sport it’s Andy Murray, whose misfortune at being born at the exact same time in history as three of the finest tennis players ever becomes more apparent with every passing defeat.

But does the Scot, who was beaten in the semi-final of the Australian Open by Novak Djokovic earlier today, witter about broken toes or unauthorised lurkers when his quest for his first Grand Slam falls at the second to last hurdle yet again?

No. He says he is “proud to have closed the gap between himself and Djokovic” and “pleased to have taken him to five sets.”

Amir? Are you listening?

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