Hearts, Minds & Moustaches: The Falklands War 30 Years On

David Cameron has much to fear from the influence of this man. And not just because of the quality of his moustache. Image: REUTERS/Gaston Brito.

I’ve been writing nothing but observations on US politics recently. Posting about the same subject repeatedly is frowned upon in the blogosphere, so I was devastated to realise all those years of study had gone to waste.

I dutifully set about locating an engaging story about UK based interests, only to discover that more or less the only thing I’d missed during my transatlantic travels was another argument over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. You know, the one that’s been going on for almost 30 years now.

According to sources, the escalation in tension is due to the anniversary of the invasion of the islands in 1982, which falls on 2nd April. The UK government have responded to a what they call a series of “hostile acts” by Argentina, accusing the country of pursuing a policy designed to “isolate” the islands and “dictate what they should be doing.”

This narrow, propaganda based approach might have worked in ’82, when social networking was limited to working men’s clubs and the Women’s Institute and Keith Chegwin was a cultural icon, but things are different now. With celebrities queuing up to tell Argentina that the islands are rightfully theirs, plus politicians, the press and repeated, agenda boosting collusion between the two pushing the majority of the British public to question the motive behind every word they say, it’s unlikely government endorsed that any escalation in hostilities will be supported.

At least, that’s what I ( and the guy who’s in charge of deployment for the British army) am hoping.

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