Mission To Lars: High Concept Hopes & Dreams

Kate Spicer is a journalist and broadcaster. Her brother Tom suffers from Fragile X syndrome – a form of learning disability – and as a consequence, Kate and her other brother Will felt that they lost touch with him as they grew up. Tom lives in a care home in Devon now, while Kate and Will are both pursuing careers in London.

In order to make up for those years where, as Kate puts it, “we’ve been rubbish with him” with him, they decided to help Tom fulfill his greatest wish – to meet Lars Ulrich of the metal band, Metallica.

What followed was a journey in which their best laid plans began to unravel before they’d even left the UK. Kate and Will filmed it all, and the result of their endeavour is out now.

It sounds like a cross between This Is Spinal Tap and Rain Man. I can’t wait.

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