Buckles Up: G4S Boss Spearheads New Wave Of TV Torture

Image via blogspot.

This debonair and rather hirsute chap is Nick Buckles. Nick’s in charge of G4S, the company who have reportedly arsed up security for the London 2012 Olympics to such an extent, no one knows how many contract workers will be turning up to protect participants and visitors to the stadia.

Today, like Rebekah Brooks, Bob Diamond & David Cameron before him, he will attempt to defend his role in “the shambles” to a committee of MPs.

Is trial by Select Committee the natural successor to dramality television? It’s arguably as scripted, and in most cases the decision making of the protagonists is just as questionable, but the stakes are significantly higher than whether Arg can lose weight in time to run the London Marathon.

I’m betting it’s going to catch on. We as a nation have always enjoyed a bit of ritual humiliation.

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