PETA vs. Lady Gaga: Let Them Eat Lettuce

Dam Hong Loan takes on the carnivores (and garden pests) in Hanoi this morning. Brave girl. Images: HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/GettyImages.

You can see where she got the idea. And given Lady Gaga’s recent indecision regarding the ethical rights and wrongs of wearing fur, Dam Hong Loan’s PETA protest against animal cruelty was beautifully timed.

One wonders how she’s going to deal with the inevitable slug issue, though. At least Gaga had a team of slaves available to swat at her meat dress before the blowflies settled in. It’s conceivable she has salted the shit out of those lettuce leaves, but when you consider the issues at stake here, leaving a trail of gasping, melting slugs in her wake probably isn’t the most politically sensitive move.

It’s an ethical dilemma, and no mistake.

Take a second to check PETA out. They do great work. 

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