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Comic Con hit New York in all its Cosplay finery this week, but, as in previous years, there were varying degrees of commitment on display. While tacitly acknowledging the imagination and effort people put into this, I’m just going to move straight through into mocking the sartorially challenged and wildly misled. You know, like I usually do.

For ‘The Valleys’ girls, this is a arguably step forward. Image via blogspot. When I were a lass, digital technology was, like my sense of dignity, in its infancy. I could stride confidently through my errors of judgement – clothing, opinions, whether a cardboard box full of beer bottles would indeed hold my weight – safe in …

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What is this person buying from a pharmacy? Nothing that will benefit mankind, I’ll warrant.  I used to be a goth. A proper one, who would not leave the house with first festooning myself in crushed velvet, eyeliner, talcum powder and at least two unfeasibly large hats. Many people saw me. Many people laughed as …

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Plath. Not bad, but could have made more of an effort with her hair. Image via jezebel. It isn’t the fact that Vice magazine thought it appropriate to illustrate the fashion section of it’s ‘Women In Fiction’ issue with images of models posing as female writers at the time of their deaths. It isn’t even that …

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Image via facebook. That model’s alarm is feigned, surely? No one with actual boobs is going to be that scared of another pair of boobs, even if they’re attached to a FEMEN activist making an unscheduled appearance onstage at Germany’s Next Top Model. Well, unless they’re a complete dimwit, in which case anything is possible.