Comedic Asides: I’m Sorry. I Haven’t A Clue


Jack Whitehall? Yeah, that’ll slay ’em! Image via

The British Comedy Awards. Two bones of contention. One blinking cursor.

It’s like Christmas came early.


Image: Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images Europe.

rupert-pupkin-basement1I’ve got nothing against Jack Whitehall. He hasn’t featured in my basement talk show yet, but I’m open to the idea. Especially since he had the good grace to appear startled when it was announced that he had won the ‘King Of Comedy Award’ on Wednesday night.

My issue is that his particular brand of observational humour is somewhat heavy on the former, at the expense of the latter. Surely seeing things happen in daily life and repeating them is not humour, just observation? I realise this kind of streamlining may be necessary in the competitive world of stand-up comedy, but in a sit-com it’s just tedious.

As are moronic variations of the same Anne Frank gag.


Image via

But while Jack (given time, space and fewer comedy awards) may well hone his comedic blade into something sharper, Sacha Baron-Cohen continues to beat our sensibilities silly with his offensiveness, perhaps not realising it’s so worn out, we barely feel it any more.

He wore a shiny tracksuit emblazoned with the word ‘Savile’ to the Comedy Awards on Wednesday. For the record, he now has found and exploited the comedic potential of gay men, Eastern-Europe, fascist dictators and suspected sex offenders.

Why was he there? To pick up the Outstanding Achievement Award. What else?

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