The ‘I’m Sorry, What?’ Files: Descents Into Madness


It IS an emergency! You should see me when I haven’t had five cups of coffee. Image via huffingtonpost.

Come on, it’s Friday. It’s not like you’re actually doing any work.



In England? Are you serious? Image via huffingtonpost.

Are the Chinese Health & Safety Inspectorate overly optimistic about the reserves of self-discipline the residents of Shanghai can call upon? Or are we in the West just trapped in a state of perpetual adolescence? Because I know for a fact that if high rise buildings in the UK/US started fitting this handy ‘evacuation slide’, which can be “attached to the banister of a building’s staircase, and, in emergencies, deployed with the simple push of a button”, everyone but the elderly, infirm and/or existentially angst ridden would be pressing that damn button with gusto and sliding on down those stairs every single time they had a justifiable reason to descend. And then running like hell back up the stairs to have another go.

Wait. Did the Chinese just solve the obesity crisis?


You’ve got respect property and respect yourself.”

The words of a Perth man who approached a group of pissed young women and requested they stop making sexual overtures to McDonald’s employees and throwing food around their restaurant.

If this happened in America, that man would’ve been (and rightfully so) charged with sexual assault and battery.

A user comment on the above story. Can you hear that whirring noise? That’s Emily Pankhurst, spinning in her grave.

Dangerous To Know


Image via

While you were out…

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