The Sergio Ramos Set-Off Theory


Twitter is a weird place.

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David Bowie: Heroes (& Villains)


I recently wrote a piece for my other love, The Football Ramble, about the minefield that is celebrating a sporting achievement by someone who espouses unconscionable views or, as is more likely these days, inappropriate sexual behaviour.

You can read it here, if you care to, but I know many of you instantly drop into a coma when football is mentioned, so I’ll precis it.

I conclude that there has to be a separation between achievement and the individual, because the alternative is to fully endorse everything the subject has done in their life, even if you don’t know about it.

It’s not a comfortable position, especially when you’re dealing with the likes of Tyson Fury, but what alternative is there? To not admire anyone or anything ever, in case the person involved turns out to have views that differ from your own?

I’ll take my chances, if that’s ok.

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Coming over here, stealing all our advertising space…


Is everyone clear now?

Although I have to say, Zakia, if you’re going to insist on using words like ‘pluralism’, ‘multitude’, ‘condemn’ and ‘hear’, you’re almost certainly going to confuse your target demographic.

Anyone with half a brain has, after all, worked this out for themselves.

Comic Con 2015: Examining the fine line between genius and insanity

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Comic Con hit New York in all its Cosplay finery this week, but, as in previous years, there were varying degrees of commitment on display.

While tacitly acknowledging the imagination and effort people put into this, I’m just going to move straight through into mocking the sartorially challenged and wildly misled.

You know, like I usually do.

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Peter Bucklitsch: Represent


Peter Bucklitsch, the UKIP candidate for Wimbledon in the 2015 election, Twitter, 3rd September 2015.

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Gullnado: Beyond The Wit Of Man

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If you want to illustrate your inflammatory article about how seagulls are terrorising innocent holidaymakers on British beaches, Getty have helpfully put together a package of photographs for you to do so.

Equally, you can make a storyboard for a classic (bloody awful) creature feature called Gullnado. It’s more or less the same thing, of course, but at least with the latter you don’t have to play down the role that people’s inability to to deal with their food waste has on their behaviour.

You can make a plot point of it.

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“He’s Behind You!”: The Fine Line Between Fun & Terror

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I sense a breach of royal protocol may be on the horizon.

Mad Max: Fury Road (AKA Wacky Races for the Xbox Generation)


Tom Hardy has got a hand fork stuck to his face.

I realise it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve been to the cinema to see a mainstream action film (yes, I’m a movie snob, but in my defence I have ‘fessed up to that particular corner of wankery in previous posts) and I fully expected to have missed some developments, but seriously.

Is this a thing now?

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