Gun Control: Anatomy Of “A Crazy Accident”


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Two-year-old Caroline Sparks is dead today. She was shot in the chest and killed by her five-year-old brother, Kristian, at their home in Burkesville, Kentucky. Cumberland County Coroner Gary White described the event as just one of those crazy accidents.”

pink_crickett_7275The above image is a screenshot of the ‘Kids Corner’ section on the Crickett website. Crickett are the manufacturers of ‘My First Rifle’ – a range of guns designed to appeal specifically to kids. They come in a selection of colours and matching  accessories are also available. Kristian Sparks was given one as a gift last year.
So yeah. It was an accident. But only in the same way that it’s an accident when someone has been riding Jäger-trains for 24 hours decides to drive to the food court for a burrito and smashes into a wall/nunnery/family saloon/bus taking excited kids to the zoo for the first time.

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