Gun Control: Anatomy Of “A Crazy Accident”


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Two-year-old Caroline Sparks is dead today. She was shot in the chest and killed by her five-year-old brother, Kristian, at their home in Burkesville, Kentucky. Cumberland County Coroner Gary White described the event as just one of those crazy accidents.”

pink_crickett_7275The above image is a screenshot of the ‘Kids Corner’ section on the Crickett website. Crickett are the manufacturers of ‘My First Rifle’ – a range of guns designed to appeal specifically to kids. They come in a selection of colours and matching  accessories are also available. Kristian Sparks was given one as a gift last year.
So yeah. It was an accident. But only in the same way that it’s an accident when someone has been riding Jäger-trains for 24 hours decides to drive to the food court for a burrito and smashes into a wall/nunnery/family saloon/bus taking excited kids to the zoo for the first time.

Oak Creek, Aurora, Virginia Tech: And The Hits Just Keep On Coming…

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Six people were shot dead yesterday morning at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

This is less than three weeks after 12 people died in Aurora, Colorado, and brings the total number of civilians murdered in spree killings in the US in the last five years to 86. That tallies nicely with the 85 civilians PER DAY killed in incidents involving firearms

I began this post imagining I would round it off by asking how many deaths would have to accrue before gun control reform would be enacted. I’m not going to bother now, because clearly casualties have no influence on a situation with so much power is at stake.

What a dumbass I am.