Miley Cyrus: The Day The Music Died


…or at least limped painfully out of the pop star equation.

miley-robin-thickeIt’s been neglected for a long time. We’ve all seen it, and while we’ve been happy to bemoan it’s thinning coat, haunted expression and growing irrelevance to pop superstardom, no one cared enough to do something about it. It’s just been sitting there. On the fringes of popular culture, waiting, hoping for someone to throw it a bone.

Miley Cyrus threw something at it on Sunday night, but it wasn’t edible as much as incendiary. Her performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards, a duet with Robin Thicke, confirmed once and for all that little girls who want to be popstars no longer require a passing acquaintance ¬†with the conventions of music theory as much as a working knowledge of the adult entertainment industry.

The Smith family might be horrified to see such cruelty perpetuated towards a once much loved and revered institution, but let’s be realistic. Time marches on.

Putting it out of it’s misery was the kindest thing in the long run.

Images via huffpost, usatoday.

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