The Tokyo Subway Ranger: Weird, But In A Good Way


If word got out that there was a guy in a a green Power Rangers costume hanging out near the stairs on the London Underground, it’s difficult to figure out what would happen to him first.

One thing is certain though:  if he did escape the attentions of the Metropolitan Police’s anti-terrorism unit, he would almost certainly be mistaken for a performance artist and/or paedophile and battered to death, the only evidence of his existence a few shreds of polyester fabric strewn carelessly across the platform.


Fortunately, things are different in other countries. Tadahiro Kanemasu’s biggest problem is people thinking he’s a bit weird. The twenty-seven year-old organic greengrocer devotes a couple of hours each day helping mothers, the elderly and travellers with excessive luggage navigate their way through the notoriously user unfriendly Tokyo subway system, said: “When I first began, people basically said ‘Get away from me, you weirdo’. Japanese people find it hard to accept help, they feel obligated to the other person, so the mask really helps me out. Now they still think I’m weird but in a good way.”

Unsurprisingly, Kanemasu is optimistic for the future. He’s already purchased pink and red Power Rangers suits and has reportedly fielded enquiries from potential recruits.

I can only presume they’re from Tokyo based good Samaritans. We British aren’t necessarily always prepared for random acts of kindness on the morning commute.


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