the baggy trousered misanthropist

missives issued from the lair


Look at the above picture, Instagrammed by my estranged pop idol last month.

Were you grossed out? Disgusted? Violently sick into a bag? If so, read on to learn something fascinating about yourself!

  • Posting private photographs of your former partner on the internet with the deliberate intention of humiliating them and damaging their reputation is now a thing.
  • One year on from the outbreak of war in the Central African Republic, the head of Médecins Sans Frontières operations has described the situation as “absolutely shocking.” Marie-Noëlle Rodrigue continued, “We are used to operating in very violent situations but in this case even our most hardened members have rarely seen such levels of violence.
  • Everywhere in the world, right now, there are people living with and trying to cope with the consequences of fear, pain, grief, loneliness, abuse and ignorance.

And yet we reserve our repulsion for a woman’s body in it’s natural state.

You’re fucked. We all are.


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