Everyday Sexism: With One Hand You Giveth, With The Other You Slappeth Away


So for want of something better to do, I click on this Buzzfeed article called ‘8 Stories Of Everyday Sexism, As Told By Female Journalists‘ and I get really, really pissed off and angry that people like those described still exist in the world and their pathetic, irrational fear of women achieving something is having an impact on lives and careers in 2014.

However, I’m vaguely comforted by the notion that people are writing about this stuff rather than simply treating it as normal human behaviour so I think about tweeting it because I’m fortunate enough to know men and women who feel the same way. Without meaning to give you a terrifying/disappointing insight into my creative process, I note that this quote, featured in one of the stories, was by the author and may provide a handy hook on which to hang my article.

“I didn’t respond to the tweet, but since he took the liberty of using my name publicly on Twitter to reduce me to something sexual, I’m taking this post to finally respond.”

Erin La Rosa

I then clicked on the image of the author to get a brief overview of the rest of her work, to find that she describes herself thusly.


While everybody has the right to self-determination, I’m not sure that the message is being presented with the clarity required to make a difference when the author of a such a piece complains about being reduced to ‘something sexual’ on social media, but does the same to herself in her own tagline.

Am I alone in this?

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