Facebook: Architect of The Too-Much-Information Age


Oh, it’s a problem unique to the Information Age, for sure.

You know someone casually, a friend of a friend, perhaps, or a passing acquaintance you quite like, but only on a very superficial level. You don’t know anything about them, you don’t particularly want to know anything about them. They’re the wallpaper of your existence – perfectly pleasant in passing, but any attempt to sit down and have a conversation with them would look and feel slightly awkward.

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Wilfred de Bruijn: The Comfort Of Strangers


Images via facebook

Wilfred de Bruijn was walking home through Paris with his male partner after a dinner date on Sunday night. He woke up in an ambulance after being savagely beaten in a homophobic attack and posted this photo to his Facebook account shortly afterwards. The story went viral and activists responded by staging an anti-homophobia demonstration on Rue Des Archives in Paris on Tuesday evening.

Would you have done it? Imagine that for a second. If you were beaten in the street for being different, would you post an image of your broken face on your timeline? Would it make you feel a little better about what happened to you if that image had inspired hundreds of people to protest in your name and express their support for you?

Maybe. Maybe not. But just think how lucky you are to have that choice.

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Chick-fil-A: But Not If You’re Gay!

Ooh look! It’s Sarah Palin, 9th Governer of Alaska! She’s noted for her wise and considered decision making, isn’t she? Image via storify.

Since US restaurant chain owner Dan T. Cathy spoke of his family’s support for organisations opposed to gay marriage, his company, Chick-fil-A, has become a focal point for protests by both camps and the hashtag of choice for homophobes.

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