Chick-fil-A: But Not If You’re Gay!

Ooh look! It’s Sarah Palin, 9th Governer of Alaska! She’s noted for her wise and considered decision making, isn’t she? Image via storify.

Since US restaurant chain owner Dan T. Cathy spoke of his family’s support for organisations opposed to gay marriage, his company, Chick-fil-A, has become a focal point for protests by both camps and the hashtag of choice for homophobes.

Yesterday, @homophobes, a movement dedicated to exposing homophobic slurs across social networking sites,  published a list of their Top 50 favourite  tweets tagging Chick-fil-A. While they make for terrifying reading, the tweets are interesting in that they articulate a pattern of increased consumption as a form of support. Like this person.

I’m gonna start eating at chick-fil-a all the time now cause we finally have something in common #fags #gays#queers #hateit

Or this one.

Love chick fil a, even more so now that they hate fags. Thank gawd i can eat my chicken without the risk of getting aids!

But while in the short term, this will almost certainly lead to an increase in profits for the restaurant chain and therefore more financial support for the anti-gay lobby, there is a pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel.

Realistically, if all the homophobes are going to pledge allegiance to this particular brand of fast food and eat more , surely it’s only a matter of time before they all start suffering with clogged arteries, heart problems and all the other hideous conditions connected to the consumption of manufactured, cheap, fatty shit food.

It’s like culling for dumb asses. There’s a cause I can back.

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