What’s wrong with this picture?

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“Our Nation is unalterably committed to protecting our citizens, routing terror wherever it exists, and building a safer, better world of greater opportunity and freedom for all peoples. We will not rest until we succeed.”

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Snakes On A Plane 2: Goat On A Roof


The story of two hapless police officers who spot a goat on a roof during a routine patrol.

They approach the scene, only to be informed by neighbours that they should not attempt to get the animal down. Apparently, the goat “only respects one man.” 

That man is his owner Samuel L. Jackson.

Ok, so there’s a bit of padding required, a terrorist plot to work in (possibly the goat could have an agenda and be wearing an explosive vest?), but it’s mostly there. And it’s based on a true story.

Given the budgetary constraints the global financial crisis has forced upon the film industry, I’d be surprised if they didn’t snap this up.