Whitby Goth Weekend: Going, Going, Gone Gangnam

This morning I discovered this video of Whitby Goth Weekend patrons performing a ‘Gangnam Style’ dance and it’s the first one I’ve seen that didn’t make me want to stab myself in the face.

Obviously I’m biased, as about fifteen years ago I was in a band that would have been doing this onstage, not just on a main road, but I’m glad to see that in the intervening period, commitment to timing, co-ordination, ┬áhilarious hats and snakebite consumption has not flagged at all.


Gangnam Style: The Art Of Being Prepared

A new dance craze is sweeping the United States, people. Familarise yourself.

Then, when you hear the opening bars of the offending accompaniment (and you will) at your office Christmas party/club/birthday bash or some other hate crime of an event you can’t politely get out of, you can vacate the premises before any unpleasantness can occur.