Movie Watch: Django Unchained


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In a world where political correctness, guilt and ignorance conspire to make abstract debate on virtually any subject impossible without offending someone,  a humorous ultra-violent movie about a slave in America’s Deep South of 1858 should not have made it past the studio slush pile. Apart from the obvious issues surrounding guncrime in the US, there’s something inherently tasteless about aisles of middle-class people snickering into their popcorn as that word is joyfully hurled about like so much blood and gore.

It’s a testament to Quentin Tarantino’s irrepressible talent and guile that he not only got the green light to make Django Unchained, but he pulled it off, made an epic and, in a knowing nod to all the haterz, blew himself up during his inevitable cameo.

The man brings new meaning to the word irritating.

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