Danica Patrick: Egregious Easter Egg

Taken at face value, this ad is offensive to so many groups of people, it would be an exercise in futility to claim it as especially egregious towards any one of them in particular.

However, if you’re a feminist, bored and looking for a reason to be pissed off today, take a look at the woman introducing the model and the geek. She’s Danica Patrick, the most successful female racing driver in the history of the universe. She races on an equal footing with the guys and counts a fourth place in an Indy500 race as one of her biggest achievements to date.

She’s potentially one of the most positive role models young women have in society today – an object lesson in how self-belief, hard work and stubbornness can propel you straight on through those glass ceilings to the penthouse view of your choice. Which makes her decision to take part in such a moronic, outdated and genuinely embarrassing advertising campaign all the more depressing.

You think feminists are a bunch of miserable cows? With this kind of provocation, it’s hardly surprising, is it?

Sports Illustrated: Way Out West


Image via buzzfeed.

Gay people like sport too. You’d never know it if you were to read up on the subject in the UK mainstream sports press, where coverage of ‘the gay issue’ extends to hubristic editorial pondering the absence of out n’proud players in the elite game.

If they bother to acknowledge it at all.

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Sepp Blatter: If The Soccer Thing Doesn’t Work Out…

Shorts tight enough for you, Sepp? Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

… a vacancy much more suited to your skill set is waiting for you in the Lingerie Football League, as demonstrated by this ‘gentleman’ during the LFL Superbowl yesterday.

Whaddya waiting for?