Goal Line Technology: Wait, Can We See That Again?

Image: REUTERS/Michael Buholzer.

In case anyone missed England’s games vs. Germany and Ukraine, FIFA prez and all round good egg Sepp Blatter helpfully demonstrates what it looks like when a football crosses the goal line.

Referees and their assistants continue to look on, helplessly.

Sepp Blatter: Negotiation Tactics

Image: REUTERS/Agencia Brasil/Antonio Cruz via Daylife.

Here’s Sepp Blatter overseeing another massive carve up.

This time, the FIFA head honcho was in Brazil to meet president Dilma Rousseff, after claims that building work for the 2014 World Cup was behind schedule. He said negotiations went very well.

But then, if you ask him, so did his drive against racism in football.

Sepp Blatter: If The Soccer Thing Doesn’t Work Out…

Shorts tight enough for you, Sepp? Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

… a vacancy much more suited to your skill set is waiting for you in the Lingerie Football League, as demonstrated by this ‘gentleman’ during the LFL Superbowl yesterday.

Whaddya waiting for?