FEMEN: Thwarted By Adrian Chiles In A Liverpool Suit

Images: femen.livejournal.com.

If you’re a European leader with a misogynistic agenda, the chances are you’re going to be receiving a surprise visit from FEMEN at some point in the future.

You know that being photographed fighting with a naked woman is not going to be the best publicity for your cause. But how do you plan for it? How can you fight the reality that most paparazzi have a Pavlovian response to nipples and will follow them wherever they may roam?

Well, you don’t become Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow if you’re some sort of slouch, y’know. The big bearded head of the Russian Orthodox Church, having effectively stepped in front of the FEMEN bus by condemning Russian band Pussy Riot for performing in a church, took evasive action – appointing Adrian Chiles in a Liverpool FA Cup 1996 suit as his head of security.

And it bloody worked! Look! There’s a photo above of a half naked woman wrestling with a bunch of priests on the tarmac at Borispol airport near Kiev, and all I can look at is that damn guy and his outfit.

Keep up the good work, FEMEN. If you continue creating photo opps like this,the world will listen and we should have misogyny kicked within a year. Then we can move on to crimes against fashion together.

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