“I’m Happy Being A Prostitute.” & “I cannot go without a condom, my love.” Not ideal, but the message shouldn’t be lost. Image via christianpost. A campaign encouraging prostitutes to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases has been withdrawn by the Brazilian Health Ministry after objections from religious groups, it has been reported.

Image via facebook. That model’s alarm is feigned, surely? No one with actual boobs is going to be that scared of another pair of boobs, even if they’re attached to a FEMEN activist making an unscheduled appearance onstage at Germany’s Next Top Model. Well, unless they’re a complete dimwit, in which case anything is possible.

“…when female nudity is placed outside a sexual context, both men and women recoil from it.” A big thank you to Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and assorted other dignitaries, who this morning took it upon themselves to prove my theory about the efficacy of FEMEN’s topless activism, whilst attending a Hannover trade fair. The amount …

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