Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Pressing the flesh

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According to evidence given by sex workers at his trial, it could be suggested that this kind of thing seems to happen quite regularly in the vicinity of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

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Neat point, well made, FEMEN.



World Cup 2014: Prostitutes, Politicians & The Privilege Of The Few


“I’m Happy Being A Prostitute.” & “I cannot go without a condom, my love.” Not ideal, but the message shouldn’t be lost. Image via christianpost.

A campaign encouraging prostitutes to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases has been withdrawn by the Brazilian Health Ministry after objections from religious groups, it has been reported.

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FEMEN: Inciting Mammophobia


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That model’s alarm is feigned, surely? No one with actual boobs is going to be that scared of another pair of boobs, even if they’re attached to a FEMEN activist making an unscheduled appearance onstage at Germany’s Next Top Model.

Well, unless they’re a complete dimwit, in which case anything is possible.

Vladimir Putin & Angela Merkel: They’re Just Tits!


“…when female nudity is placed outside a sexual context, both men and women recoil from it.”

A big thank you to Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and assorted other dignitaries, who this morning took it upon themselves to prove my theory about the efficacy of FEMEN’s topless activism, whilst attending a Hannover trade fair.

The amount of criticism they’ve been receiving lately from women I respect was making me doubt myself.

FEMEN: Vulnerable At The Vatican

FEMEN: Inspiring elderly women to pick up their umbrellas (1:17) and protest against oppressive forces since 2008.

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FEMEN: What Women Want

'The Grandmaster' Premiere - 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival

Sasha Shevchenko’s red carpet moment at the Berlin Film Festival. Image: Target Presse Agentur Gmbh/WireImage.

Apparently, every woman wants a red carpet moment. Those few seconds when eyes and lenses fall upon her alone, and she willingly sacrifices herself to the media scrutiny that will make or break her. She’ll spend weeks, months, selecting the clothing, jewellery, footwear, make-up, stance and words that will decide her fate, but ultimately she’ll have no control over how she’s interpreted.

It’s no wonder people don’t approve of FEMEN. They will keep reminding us that a few of the most fortunate women in the world looking pretty is infinitely more important to our sense of cultural wellbeing than the exploitation of the rest.

Deutsche Bank Protests: Seen It, Done It, Bought The Balaclava


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fempussCall yourself an activist? Think you’re blazing a trail in ‘Protest Wear’ because you turned up outside Deutsche Bank this morning dressed in an eye-catching, photographer-baiting outfit comprising balaclava, blank mask and cut out shapes covering your boobies?

I was wearing this six months ago. Don’t think that just because you’ve managed to convince the local farmers to pose as security guards, you’ll be safe from my royalty claims.

Intellectual property is theft too, my friend. And as FEMEN have proven on a number of occasions, there’s nowt more scary than an angry half-naked woman with a marker pen and a mission.

FEMEN: Location, Location, Location

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FEMEN have stormed a shopping mall in Brazil where a glass structure holding Big Brother contestants is currently being housed. According to a Brazilian news site,  it was an attempt to protest against the “social alienation caused by the program“.

Isn’t cultural difference a wonderful thing? In Brazil, this a protest. In the UK, it would have been described as an audition.