Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 20 Years On


Image: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America.

Can there be anything more traumatic than to see a childhood hero in later life and find they fail miserably to live up to expectation?


Image: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America.

tumblr_licmywaDKw1qhpzp8o1_500Close your eyes now then, if your adolescent afternoons were spent vicariously fighting the forces of evil with a gang of elastic suited shape shifters. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise is celebrating it’s twentieth anniversary this year, but at a gathering of characters from the show in New York City yesterday, a couple of disturbing ¬†inconsistencies arose.

First, while none of the literature refers specifically to a super power that includes being impervious to rain, it’s kind of a given, isn’t it? What kind of superhero is hindered by relatively calm weather conditions?

Secondly, superheroes do not have genitals. Ever.

And finally, dude at the back dressed as Mack Hartford? Nice try, but you haven’t continued to fight the forces of evil in the six years you’ve been retired, have you? You’ve been eating pie.

Shameful. But no matter. While I’m sorry for everyone who put their faith in the Power Rangers, my childhood memories will remain intact as long as no one tries to locate an aging Captain Caveman.

It’s too horrific to contemplate.

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