Hate Rhyme: Ironic Omissions

H/T gawker.com.

Christian girl finds rhyming dictionary in woods, makes homophobic rap video without using the words Fellate or Masturbate.

Propagate, Hate, Date, Legislate, Reprobate, Innate, Trait, Replicate, Create, Dictate, Soul Mate, Imitate, Intoxicate, Fate, State, Originate, Eliminate, Debate, Regulate, Fornicate, Educate, Tolerate, Indoctrinate, Communicate, Participate, Calculate, Rate, Date, Hesitate, Fornicate, Donate, Violate, Candidate, Discriminate, Demonstrate, Devastate, Advocate, Hate, Late, Gate, Separate, Mate, Fate.

You think that was delib-er-ate?

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