Celebrity Big Brother: A Lesson In Regression

According to a report in the British Medical Journal, people with mental health issues in medieval England were cared for by the Crown, who worked in conjunction with the local community while “the best interests of the subject remained a prime concern“.

In 2013, we either ignore them completely, or if something really bad happens, we place them in a high pressure environment with desperate strangers whose best interests are served by manipulating imposed situations. When we’re done laughing, crowds gather to boo them when they are released.

I’m going to Skype Charles Darwin. Somewhere along the line we’ve  managed to completely balls up this evolution business.

Samantha Brick: Reach For The Stars

Is Harry Potter required reading at Daily Mail journalism school? Image via celebitchy.com

Rumour has it that alleged journalist and confirmed agitator of the utterly pointless, Samantha Brick, is about to appear in Celebrity Big Brother.

Oh God.

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