Aurora, Colorado: Pathology Of A Tragedy

Image: REUTERS/Fred Prouser.

Having spent the last 200,000 years trying to eliminate danger and fear from our lives, human beings recently decided that an existence without the chemical highs and lows experienced during peril was boring.

Being smart, we harnessed technology to provoke extremes of emotion within safe environments. We call it entertainment, and is essentially a stimulant to sensation without consequences.

It’s great, and we are very clever.

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Mitt Romney’s Most Fervent Supporter Is: Dead?!

Image: AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand.

Oh no, don’t panic. I misread her placard in all the excitement of the Colorado caucus. Her name is actually Dede Renzenberger and she’s very much alive, well and doing her bit for Mitt.

Maybe I was thrown by the woman next to her pulling the ‘I Smell Dead People’ pose, too.