Mitt Romney: Elect & Be Damned (Or Possibly Blown Up)

The possibility of a few laughs is a small price to pay to keep that finger away from the button. Image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America.

If the office didn’t include overall control of “the button“, the capacity to turn slow burning conflicts into global disasters through poor admin and the requirement to understand, or even have heard of the word ‘diplomacy‘,  it would be quite fun to elect Mitt Romney as President, wouldn’t it?

US Elections: Nice Try, George

Claudia Greenburg, who was attending Mitt Romney’s Michigan election party last night, has a question for us. Image: AP Photo.

Gotta be honest with you, Claudia. The world is in the midst of an economic crisis, thousands of innocent people are dying every day in brutal battles for control of future energy supplies, the unions are threatening to strike during the London Olympics and One Direction are in the process of cracking the American market.

But still, even in spite of all this horror, the answer is still no.

Thanks for stopping by though.

Mitt Romney’s Most Fervent Supporter Is: Dead?!

Image: AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand.

Oh no, don’t panic. I misread her placard in all the excitement of the Colorado caucus. Her name is actually Dede Renzenberger and she’s very much alive, well and doing her bit for Mitt.

Maybe I was thrown by the woman next to her pulling the ‘I Smell Dead People’ pose, too.