Brand vs. Paxman: The Beardy Politic

Like two male cats hop-stepping around one another with their large, brushy tails pointing towards the sky, the destroyer of political souls meets the sharpest of comedic minds.

Having lost early points by claiming he only edited an issue of The New Statesman because he was asked to by an attractive woman, Brand then effortlessly harnesses that notorious passion to redeem himself. Paxman, possibly having never been called ‘darling’ in an interview before, rolls with the velvet punch and tacitly acknowledges the perfectly placed blow with a knowing nod.

Watch this. Even if you hate Paxman. Especially if you hate Brand.

The sight of two such articulate minds sparring so spikily and yet so passionately is a reminder of what politics should be and what Jeremy Paxman is actually for.

For the record, Brand almost convinces him.

Louise Mensch vs. Laurie Penny: Clash Of The Feminist Titans

I think Louise may have just sneaked this Question Time debate on feminism. Sadly, points must be deducted from Laurie Penny’s scorecard for excessive hair flicking and pouting.

And she didn’t piss off Paxman nearly as much as her blue corner opposition.