Brand vs. Paxman: The Beardy Politic

Like two male cats hop-stepping around one another with their large, brushy tails pointing towards the sky, the destroyer of political souls meets the sharpest of comedic minds.

Having lost early points by claiming he only edited an issue of The New Statesman because he was asked to by an attractive woman, Brand then effortlessly harnesses that notorious passion to redeem himself. Paxman, possibly having never been called ‘darling’ in an interview before, rolls with the velvet punch and tacitly acknowledges the perfectly placed blow with a knowing nod.

Watch this. Even if you hate Paxman. Especially if you hate Brand.

The sight of two such articulate minds sparring so spikily and yet so passionately is a reminder of what politics should be and what Jeremy Paxman is actually for.

For the record, Brand almost convinces him.

Comment Is Free. Why? Because It’s Worthless


Image: ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images.

If I went up to a mechanic and started telling them how to do their job based on my knowledge of cars (they’re oily and you shouldn’t put water in the petrol tank), he or she would be perfectly within their rights to chuck me and my car out onto the street.

So when did it become OK to do the same over an incident, just because it appears in the media?

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Olympic Observations: Loose Ends & Legends

“You’re the wires guy, right?” Boris assumes security has been heightened in light of his last adventure. Image: SEAN DEMPSEY/AFP/GettyImages.

It’s all over, people, and you can now expect the UK to drift back into the familiar territory of self-hatred and celebrity lovin’ superciliousness we know and the Daily Mail loves.

Let’s just have one more round-up to remember it by, shall we?

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