The Viewer: The Valleys, Where Life Begins.


Oh god. What fresh hell is this? 

9408632-largeThe Viewer’s forays into the depths of dramality television are not new. I have repeatedly articulated my worries about her viewing habits, but intially I trusted her, accepting in good faith her explanation that the Jersey Shore thing was justified on the basis that it was at the forefront of a cultural zeitgeist involving the liberal use of confusion-avoidance lettering against colourful backdrops.

I let it go. I shouldn’t have.

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PETA: Misjudging The Situation

Image via thecount.

As a feminist and an animal lover, this PETA promotion only works for me if, as part of the deal, Jersey Shore’s The Situation agreed to be neutered.

I’m figuring he didn’t, therefore this ad must stand as the most poorly conceived and embarrassing campaign he’s been involved in since he was filmed unwittingly chatting up a transvestite in a bar.