Gene Simmons: No “Fake Bullshit”? Seriously?

Yes, and presumably that’s all your own hair too, Gene. Image via

And the ‘Keepin’ It Real in Rock Award’ goes to Gene Simmons of Kiss, who has emerged from behind the clown make-up, disturbing tongue calisthenics and spangly costumes that defined his career, to slag off Rihanna for “being fake” and “using karaoke machines┬áin her performances.

What’s the matter, Gene? You not liking this new fangled equality business, or sumthin’?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Just Run, Jump & Kiss On The Face


I’m soooo excited by this photo of a marine arriving home from active duty and leaping into the arms of his partner.

The outraged wailing and gnashing of teeth that will inevitably ensue from religious and right wing groups will be a joy to behold.

I’m just nipping out to get me some popcorn. Anyone want anything?